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Website Design & Development

How we do it?

We utilise a four step approach within a structured project management framework to ensure that your website project is delivered successfully, satisfactorily and on time.

A medium scale website project will include the following stages:

Stage 1 – Design

Scratch SISHA

  • We create up to 3 home page design options for you to choose from
  • You choose an option and have an opportunity to request changes
  • We revise and resubmit the chosen option
  • You approve the home page design

Stage 2 – Development

OPUS on mobile

  • We apply the approved design to other sections of the website
  • We develop the structure and functionality of the website
  • You can check the website’s progress on our password protected testing server
  • We test your website on a range of modern browsers
  • We can also provide mobile phone and tablet based testing
  • Once complete we notify you of the end of the development stage

Stage 3 – Testing & Training

  • You can check you are satisfied with the design implementation, functionality and content
  • We deliver a training session and detailed user manual
  • You approve the site for launch

Stage 4 – Launch

  • We launch the website
  • The site is registered with Search Engines
  • Time to start SEO, content updates and other traffic generating efforts

We provide expert support to assist your organisation in the correct choice of technology. We deliver our projects, on time, within budget using world class standards. Call us today for more information.