Our Services

Creative and Technical Solutions for Advertising, Brand, and Web

Whether you are targeting consumers or billion dollar industries, interested in the latest online trends or promoting a large event, selling a product or service, or communicating a message: our approach is always the same - attract, engage, inform, and persuade.

We know how to deliver the message you want while respectfully navigating the traditional boundaries of your target market.

OPUS is Phnom Penh’s boutique marketing and communications agency. We specialise in online marketing, visual brand development and advertising concepts for print and digital mediums. We offer creative services that support brands from their very conception, through launch and growth.

By using our consulting services you can ensure that your requirements and ideas will be listened to and understood. We will give constructive feedback and valuable recommendations to help your marketing efforts achieve results.

Corporate Identity & Visual Brand Development

  • Corporate Identity Creation and Management
  • Visual Brand Guidelines and Training
  • Company Profile Creation
  • Slogan Creation
  • Logo Design

Online Marketing


  • Print and Digital Advertisement Concepts and Design
  • Advertisement Campaign Consultation and Management
  • Production Consultation and Management
  • Advertisement Copy Writing

Utilise our services to get the exposure you need for your brand or message