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The Internet is an ever evolving medium, constantly offering new methods and opportunities for you to market your products or message.

Building an attractive website is only the beginning. You need to continually publish fresh content and take advantage of new features to stay ahead of your competitors.

OPUS has the skill sets to take care of your ongoing online needs, so you can focus on your core activities.

Take advantage of one of our maintenance packages so you can have a team of web professionals at your disposal.

Service Details:Maintenance Services

A service contract to provide support in some or all of the following areas:

  • Technical Maintenance
  • Hosting Server Consultancy, Support and Backups
  • Content Updates, Consultancy and Service
  • General Usage Questions and Answers (phone, email, meetings)

Lower Your Work Load

The contract will be for a prepaid budget that will be deductable by hours worked. A minimum increment of a half hour of deductable time will be in place, with a maximum cap of between five and 10 hours per month (depending on the package selected) for non-scheduled work. Any email or phone inquiries will be responded to within 1 full working day with a schedule for any necessary follow up work on that inquiry.

Email inquiries to follow a template structure to ensure clear communications and optimum usage of billable time.
Set weekly or monthly tasks can be arranged if budget allows for it. For example:

  • Weekly or monthly website backups
  • Web Traffic Analysis and ReportsMaintenance Schedule

At the start of your maintenance package’s valididity period we will discuss with you options for regular tasks and come up with a schedule that suits your needs.


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