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How to Maintain a Healthy Website


As with your human body you should make sure your website is in good working order: fit to run well; protected against risks; and attractive and available to the people whose attention you seek!

As digital marketing professionals we understand the holistic range of elements that can affect how healthy or unhealthy the centre of your online profile is. For the purpose of this blog series, we will focus on three wide topics that can seriously damage the success of your brand online, if not taken care of effectively.

How do I know if my website is performing well?

If you have been neglecting your website and other digital marketing efforts we recommend that you start by focusing on these three aspects that are important to the health and success of a modern website:

1. User Experience

How easily and effectively can a visitor navigate your website?

Can your website users find interesting content on your webpages? Is your content structured to encourage positive user flow?

Does a website visitor have a positive encounter with your brand?

2. Security

Is your website clean from malicious code, or has it already been hacked?

Does your website have security vulnerabilities that pose risks to your content, brand image or may even provide hackers with a an access point to target your website visitors?

Have security threats to your website adversely affected your position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)?

3. SEO Performance

How easily can your website be found by your target market?

Are there any problems related to your website that may cause Google and other search engines to penalise your positions in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)?

Is Google even able to index your content effectively?

Clean web of health

These important questions and more can be address with the right tools, approach and discipline. OPUS Cambodia can help you to address these concerns and other issues that can affect the success of your brand online.

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