OPUS Cambodia

About the Company

OPUS Cambodia was founded by a small group of professionals living in Phnom Penh with a single goal – provide exceptional creative marketing services that focus on real value for our clients.

We are a full-service marketing and communications firm, specialising in turn-key marketing solutions that create value for our clients. We know what you want from your marketing investment and have the expertise and creative know-how to deliver these results.

Logos and taglines; visual brand guidelines and company profiles; website design and development; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content management; graphic design and copywriting – we will take care of your needs while you concentrate on your own core operations.

Using the latest technology coupled with creative market approaches, we have and continue to successfully achieve our goal.

(Oh-pus) - OPUS is Latin for work or composition.

The OPUS Team

Our team maintains a balance between creative inspiration and technical knowledge. When we recruit talent we look for skill, imagination, commitment and vision. OPUS employees love where they work and who they work for. We are ready to turn you into another satisfied client.